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Golden Scratch Card Bug Ninja Saga

Golden Scratch Card Bug Ninja Saga -

- Open NS
- Make sure your Items Inventory is full (if premium user then it should be 80/80, if free user then it should be 40/40) 
- Go to scratch card

- Now you have to be fast in the following steps:
i) Click the scratch card in the right. 
System will give you warning that your inventory is full and are u sure that u want to proceed? ------> Click Yes
ii) Now wait for the system to scratch the card. Just after it scratches quickly click on the other two cards to scratch them both. 

- The system will then scratch all 3 Scratch Cards for you simultaneously, and you will loose only 1 scratch card but you will get 3 REWARDS :D

Good Luck --> Just follow all the steps and it will work :)

Video Guide will soon be available too!!! 

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